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Industrial Training

M CAD Solutions Created Industrial Training course for enhancing knowledge and skills which helps to get job in Design field.

Industrial Training Course Overview

  • overview of process document. study and understanding of process design concept.
  • learn 3D concept design on 5 different projects. work on Indian and global standards (German Standards).
  • unit built up using start model
  • Contextual design
  • Shimming concept
  • Angular Pin Units
  • Pin-on-clamp
  • Pivot point concept
  • Cylinder selections 
  • SMC cylinder calculation
  • Pin cylinder criterion
  • standard part selection
  • cell, zone built up
  • Robot Reach
  • spot projection
  • Gun selection
  • types of gun
  • path planning
  • Types of guns
  • Thumb rule of gun selection
  • Gun guide
  • Checking fixture for clash
  • Keeping clearances as per standatds
  • Doing modifications as per simulation results  
  • all Concepts of 3D finish
  • Creating manufacturing drawings with German and Indian Standards.

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Industrial Training


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Work on actual projects to gain through knowledge of Design

What is meant by a Job-Oriented course?

We are the best Job Oriented Training with placement institute in Pune because our major thrust is on providing hands-on experience through practical assignments. 

In the current situation, there’s an enormous demand for skilled resources within the mechanical industry. We groom our candidates and equipping them with all qualities to form them an asset to whichever organization they work.

There are many job-oriented training centers in Pune who may be following a standard educational program, but our Job Oriented Program goes beyond just training. 

Our training classes make our students undergo the grueling project management processes which expose them to designing the project supported client requirement and specialize in strong technical skills, Aptitude Skills, Soft Skills, and Business Skills which helps in developing a knowledgeable image as an efficient communication tool.

Here, you discover how to grow.